GRB undertake all planned maintenance needs.

Backed by years of experience on jobs from power flushing to fitting thermostatic radiator valves – we can advise and carry out all your planned maintenance requirements.

We offer a range of services to help keep your heating system / boiler running smoothly and more economically.

One of our more frequent service requests is power flushing. For efficiency, central heating systems require a smooth flow of water through pipes and radiators. These become clogged, which means the system may become defective and sluggish – wasting money and can lead to the system failing. Flushing the system results in an efficient system overall and guards against costly breakdowns.

A power flush benefits your home by:

Maintaining system components and increasing life span of a boilerEnsuring that radiators heat up quickly, eradicate cold spots and sustain the heatReducing noise of boilers and systemsNarrowing the possibility of a breakdown

We can also supply a range of filters to protect your heating system from sludge deposits, as well protecting against limescale. Available in a range of forms depending on the requirements, we select the best protection based on the individual needs of the system.

Gas Safety Checks

We offer landlord and homeowner gas safety checks as part of our services.

A landlord certificate is an obligatory legal requirement, this is both offered to landlords and letting agents. Our engineers will carry out all of the relevant checks and leave you with documentation, advising if the gas appliance is or isn’t working safely within the current market standards.
A home-owner certificate is becoming more popular, although not obligatory like the landlord version. Homebuyers and homeowners alike want to know the their gas system and appliances are safe and in good working order. We check heating controls, radiator temperatures and more, to give you peace of mind.
Energy efficiency should always be on a home owners mind – we all want to save money on our bills. GRB offers a range of money saving measures, from thermostatic radiator valves – giving you full control of each room, to smart programmable room thermostats – to monitor via a mobile device.

Any Questions?

If there is something that you had in mind and cannot see in our Services Overview, please do not hesitate to contact us.